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Hi There! My name is Kate ,Founder of Kate's Creations.

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Hi there! My name is Kate, founder of Kate's creations and owner of Valhalla Ridge Farm. I wanted to introduce myself, so you all know who I am. I am a mother of three wonderful and beautiful kids my youngest is 7, the middle is 21 LOL and the oldest is 23! I also have two other children through marriage whom I also consider my kids. We have four beautiful grandchildren, six dogs, two horses, a million chickens LOL, ducks, turkeys, rabbits and a whole Forest of goodies to harvest and forage.

I have done many many things in my life I was a chef I catered to the twins and the Vikings, worked in many restaurants helping them open, and finally after the collapse of the 35W bridge into Minneapolis happened, that's when I stopped and decided to stay closer to home. I've gone through a lot in my life, many surgeries many bad relationships, lots of depression, lots of anxiety, PTSD.. passed away after surgery and the list goes on. I've always wanted to write a book but I figured I'd start here with my intro to you. I've always been an avid seeker and trying to figure out what I can do to help myself holistically instead of using medication. I don't like taking prescriptions, and I feel that it affects your body in a way that takes years to reverse. I feel that if I could start taking care of myself with nature the nature will help me heal. So that is what I've done. I've created many things that I use everyday that help me. So when I decided to start making my own personal blends from foraging off of our own land and using the medication right at my feet it literally has changed my life. I could go on and on about this.. but we will get into that down the road lol! Please feel free to ask me any questions about any product at any time! All I want to do is teach and share my knowledge and help others. If I can do this then I have accomplished what I'm set here to do. I've never written a blog before only on Facebook so this is all brand new to me. Thank you very much for reading this and for visiting my website and I hope I am able to help you with your pain or your medical problem. I make custom blends for many clients from inflammation of joints, to your respiratory issues, to rashes etc. You name it I will create it. I have over 25 years experience with holistic healing and this is something that I have a very strong passion for. I am not a doctor and I never claim to be, all I know is that what I do helps me and if I can help someone else, by something that I can create then I will. Have a blessed day ❤️ and again thank you so much for being here !!

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