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Hawthorne Berries

Hawthorne Berries

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Harvested in northern MN these Hawthorne berries will be sure to complete any tea with its rich antioxidants and many medical benefits! Hawthorne berries are great for your circulatory system, lower blood pressure and can help with lowering your cholesterol levels :). Use this as an aid for digestion. This will help with anxiety, has many anti aging properties and can be used to treat heart failure ❤️. We have whole dried Berries or Tea blends made specifically made just for you !

  • Hawthorne Berries

    Loaded with antioxidants

    Great for the circulatory system

    Has many anti-inflammatory properties

    Will help reduce blood cholesterol levels

    Will help lowering blood pressure

    AIDS and reducing anxiety

    Used to treat heart failure

    And also contains anti-aging properties

    Mobile hole raw form or in many tea blends!


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    Shipping from northern MN . Ships every Tuesday and Thursday :)

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