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Sharing for the greater good 😊❤️

Since I'm still figuring out how to run our website.. I felt I could write what I needed to say to you all here. ❤️. I know some of our products have higher prices and... Many can't afford that.. so.. I'm lowering my prices and offering this to you .. if you can't afford something.. and still need the help.. don't hesitate to ask! I'm workable and all I want to do is help people heal and teach what nature can do for you..❤️.

So... If you need help please message me somehow.. either email

On our website or on FB at Valhalla Ridge Farm Angora MN.

If we all helped one another... Think of how our world could be!

Anyways have a beautiful and wonderful day ❤️❤️❤️!

Valhalla Ridge Farm ❤️

Healing with nature ❤️

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